Office skyscrapers which can be insured with offices & development insurance with Insure 313.

Offices & Developments

For owners of real estate used for offices, retail and other developments, there is a considerable responsibility on you to protect your building, surrounding buildings, those who will frequently work inside the building and, in time, your legacy as a property owner.


We aim to make choosing the right office insurance policy quick and easy.


Many offices house a team of employees and electrical equipment such as computers and TV monitors. As such, the risk of a fire breaking out could be significant.


Depending on your location, you could fall victim to the effects of poor weather such as flooding which leads to office closure, or, if you have an office shop front on a busy high street, the risk of a car colliding into your building could increase.

It’s important for us to understand the intricate details of your office or similar building in development so that we can better gauge what you require.


From there, we can offer genuine advice on the cover we believe you’ll need. Our team will work with integrity and transparency to ensure your policy is built for the future.


Key Features

Your office insurance policy could include;

  • Buildings cover
  • Contents and business equipment
  • Fixtures and fittings
  • Stock or additional supplies
  • Liability


This list is not exhaustive. We have access to some of the leading insurers and can tailor a policy specifically to your requirements.


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