High value home and contents including furniture which can all be covered with Insure 313 insurance.

Home & Contents

For those with a mortgage, home insurance is usually required by the lenders whilst covering your contents is often considered a must for homeowners and tenants alike. This policy can be combined to protect your home inside and out.


Taking out home and contents cover shouldn’t feel like a chore as you could be risking everything that’s important to you.


A lot can go wrong with your home across the course of a year and, depending on things like location, materials used and size, you can be exposed to further issues. For most homes, the weather poses a constant source of risk. As a result, storms can tear down permanent structures or chimneys and you could be susceptible to floods.


What’s more, you could be exposed to criminal activity like vandalism, thieves could steal your possessions and often, there is damage to the building as they break in.


It’s easy to misjudge the value of your belongings but without an accurate valuation, any claim will often mean you’ll need to pay the shortfall of what it’s covered for. If overvalued, you could be paying more on your premiums than you need, so it pays to be smart with your cover.

In disastrous circumstances where your home needs to be totally rebuilt, rebuild cost valuations are all important. Therefore, the shortfall you would need to pay could be beyond your reach if valued incorrectly.


Insure 313 can assist with your home and contents insurance, considering all the important details as well as the finer points to ensure you, your family and your legacy are adequately protected.


Key Features

Your policy could include;

  • Buildings cover
  • Include your possessions and your family’s
  • Cover against theft, fire, flood and more
  • Protect art, antiques, and collections
  • Damages and breakage to home appliances
  • Rebuild costs


This list is not exhaustive. We have access to some of the leading insurers and can tailor a policy specifically to your requirements.


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