A wet floor sign covered by employers and public liability insurance with Insure 313.


Issues of liability can arise when there is an act or omission which leads to an injury, damage or loss to an individual or individuals. If people visit your business premises, you have a duty of care to ensure they are not endangered and their belongings are safe.


Most businesses have an array of people on-site, from customers, inspectors, contractors and members of the public.


Public Liability insurance helps protect your business from situations such as an injury to a member of the public sustained due to your negligence on-site. If your misplaced machinery or equipment were to damage a visitor’s car, public liability could also assist you here.


If you have employees, Employers’ Liability is a legal necessity. Whether your staff are paid, labourers, interns or volunteers, you can be charged considerable fines for every day you do not have employers’ liability insurance. Like public liability, it protects you during issues surrounding your negligence resulting in an injury to an employee or damage to their property.

For manufacturers, suppliers and retailers, Product Liability looks to indemnify you against possible situations arising from injury or damage to a user or their property due to your product. You don’t have to manufacture the product itself and can be liable even if you simply stock and sell the item.


Business Essentials

Whilst employers’ liability is a legal requirement, product and public liability have long been considered a business essential, whether you are a sole trader or a larger corporation.


For most businesses, the ramifications of a loss without appropriate liability insurance can put an end to a business almost overnight.


At Insure 313, we have access to some of the UK’s leading insurers and can quickly grasp your business requirements and tailor a liability policy to suit.


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