A doctor shakes hand with a patient who is covered with health insurance with Insure 313 insurance brokers.


Private health insurance could help pay for medical diagnosis and treatment, but it’s much more than that. It provides comfort, support, guidance and advice throughout your life, for you and for your family.


Insure 313 understands the importance of fast and efficient medical services and can tailor a policy to suit you.


With private medical care, you can have access to a much wider range of diagnosis and treatment types.


If you already have acute conditions, the treatment you receive could be provided at a quicker rate with a higher level of personal attention and care.


Since every person has different needs, this policy adapts to yours. If you require specialist treatment, we can include this in your policy, including physiotherapy, psychiatric treatment, dental treatment or optical appointments.


Whether you are a single person, a couple or a family, Insure 313 can assist in protecting your legacy.

Key Features

Your policy could include;

  • Reimbursement for hospitalisation due to disease/surgery
  • Health for your family
  • Thorough diagnosis
  • Comprehensive treatment
  • An array of additional health benefits
  • Flexible payment options


This list is not exhaustive. We have access to some of the leading insurers and can tailor a policy specifically to your requirements.


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A doctor speaking with a patient who is insured under health insurance with Insure 313 insurance brokers.

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