Our aviation insurance offers both property and liability coverage for aircraft and aircraft fleets. Also called aircraft insurance, it is inherently different from other transportation insurance and has a lot of its own distinct aviation terminology, which can be difficult to decipher.


As specialists in Aviation insurance it is our job to present the terminology in the most comprehensive and straight-forward way possible.


Aviation insurance covers all manner of policy corresponding to both the property and liability coverage for aircraft. There are a wide range of potential losses associated with aviation and it is our job to identify these risks and consequently the specific type of cover you require.


We can provide cover for anything from aircraft maintenance, property damage, loss of cargo and injury to people.

We do this by calculating the cost of the cover based on the size and type of the plane. Factors such as whether you fly outside of the EU, how many hours you fly, where you keep your plane, what you use your plane for (private or commercial use), your age and experience and past claim record will also affect the cost of cover.


Once identifying all these factors, we will work to find you the most cost-effective cover available.

Key Features 

Aviation insurance normally includes;

  • Public liability insurance
  • Passenger liability
  • Ground Risk Hull Insurance (not in motion)
  • Ground Risk Hull Insurance in motion (Taxiing)
  • In-flight Insurance
  • War-risk Insurance
  • Aviation Cargo Insurance


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