After decades of downturn, many areas of the mining industry are returning to profitability. As the industry continues to recuperate, there is a greater need to ensure that you or your organisation are properly protected.


Whether you are a self-employed miner or a contractor who employs miners, we have a policy that suits your individual needs.


Miners often are tasked with operating in volatile territories, and due to the nature of the work are often under scrutiny from governmental and environmental agencies. Allegations against environmental mismanagement as well claims of health and safety breaches and corruption are particularly prevalent in the mining industry.


In addition, whereas directors and officers were previously protected against personal liability claims made against the company, the changing nature of the industry means this is no longer guaranteed.

Therefore, is vital that businesses have a swift and effective response plan to help mitigate against reputational damage and to protect the safety of its workers.  Our team of specialists can carry out a full risk assessment to identify the unique needs of your claim, which focus on protecting your most valuable assets.


Key Features

Mining insurance can include;

  • Environmental insurance
  • Workforce risk
  • Specie, precious metal and bullion risk
  • Security risk
  • D&O risk
  • Construction risk


This list is not exhaustive. We have access to some of the leading insurers and can tailor a policy specifically to your requirements.


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