A modern office with furniture and IT equipment, all of which can be insured with business contents by Insure 313 insurance brokers.

Business Contents

The contents of your business could range from a single computer to kilometres of metal shelving. Either way, the contents your office holds are often essential to your business running smoothly.


Every business has contents, from equipment, materials, tools, stock, important documents and much more.


Imagine if your computers suffered damage and left your e-commerce business offline and unable to fulfil orders, or if the tools you use were stolen leaving you unable to complete your day’s work.


If your premises suffered a fire or flood, your stock could become damaged and leave it unsaleable. For many businesses, such a disastrous scenario could bring into question the survival of the company.


At Insure 313, we understand the risks every business faces and will look to secure these risks so that they won’t happen. If they do, we will provide the necessary support to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

By protecting your contents, you are safeguarding the assets of your business; from the means of running the business on a day-to-day business to important company documents as well as sensitive data you hold about your customers.


Key Features

Business Contents Insurance includes;

  • Business possessions like office furniture
  • IT equipment
  • Tools and materials
  • Cover against fire, flood and theft
  • A range of additional cover options
  • A flexible policy to suit your needs


This list is not exhaustive. We have access to some of the leading insurers and can tailor a policy specifically to your requirements.


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